How to change settings for individual apps?

If you need to rename your app, change URL or login information you easily do that by changing the settings for each app individually. 

1. Go to your dashboard and hover over the app you want to change. You will see three dots in the right corner of the app. Click there to go to the app menu. 

2. Click ''Settings'' in the app menu. 

3. You will se the basic app information and the strength of your password. Click ''Edit'' to configure settings. 

4. You can change your username and password. If you are finished with your editing you can click ''Install'' to configure the new settings. If you want to change the name of your app or URL, proceed to ''Change'' button in the top left corner of the window.  

5. You can change the domain/URL of the app. (For example if you want your LinkedIn or Facebook account to send you directly to your profile and not to your home feed). You can also change the name that appears on the dashboard as app name. When you're finished with editing, click ''Install'' to save your changes. 


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