How to add and remove apps and services to your dashboard?

You can easily add and remove different apps to any of your dashboards. 


1. First you need to choose the dashboard you want to use, from a drop-down menu.  

2. You can add many different applications and/or services to your dashboard and get easy access to all your accounts with just one click. To add an app hover your mouse over any application and click Add application. If you cant see the app you want to use on the list, you can search it. 

3. The app should now be on your dashboard. In order to use it, you just need to Configure it first. Hover over with mouse and click Configure.

4. The app will ask you to write in your e-mail and password. Make sure you use the e-mail and password you are using for this application. Click Install to configure. You will now be one click away from your account.

5. To remove an app and app icon you just need to hover over with mouse and click on the three dots to the right and click the Remove button. The application is now removed but you can always add it again.


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