How to add/invite other users?

To invite other users and give them access to your dashboard, you will have to choose the dashboard you want to share first. 

1. Go to the dashboard drop-down menu in header and click to select. 

2. To invite users to the selected dashboard, click ''Manage Dashboard'' and choose ''Invite & Share'' in the drop-down menu. 

2. Send User Invitation window will pop up and you can write in the e-mail of the user you want to add. Remember that the invited user has to register the same e-mail on AppsCo in order to have access, if he does not already have account. Click ''Add'' to complete the process. This user will now have the access to your dashboard, but he will not be able to see any apps until you share them and give him access. He/She will be informed of this by e-mail. 

Remember that this will only give the invited user access to the selected dashboard. You can always repeat the process for other dashboards. 

You can read here about how to assign applications once the user is added. 


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