How to give or revoke access to authorized applications?

1. At one point you will decide to use one of the applications or services with your Appsco account. Some of them may need access to your account info. The list of your authorized applications can be found under Account settings > Access.

2. If you for example want to use My Site Shop to make your own website, you can find the icon on you dashboard. Click on it in order to access this service.

3. The application will ask for your permission to access your Appsco account. You will be asked this question only the first time you use an application. Click authorize. You will now be able to use Mysiteshop to create a website and add it to your Appsco dashboard.

4. You can now see the authorization on the list.

5. You can always revoke authorization for each application just by clicking on revoke button. Appsco will then ask you to confirm or cancel the action. You can always add this application again to the list of authorized applications.

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