Domain verification guideline

How to verify your domain?

After you have added your domain on AppsCo, you will need to verify that you own this domain in order to be able to use all AppsCo services which require verified domain such as administer managed user's profiles. 

In order to verify your domain, you will need access to your profile and admin panel on your domain host's pages - a place where you purchased the domain name. If you are not sure which is your domain host, you can always go to one of the ''who is'' domain lookup pages and search.

Each domain host maintains a specific set of settings called DNS records, which are configured in order to point internet traffic to your domain name (your website, your emails etc.).

AppsCo provides a TXT token, which you can copy and then add to your domain host's DNS records as a verification record. Adding this record will not affect your email or your website. 

1. To retrieve a token, go to your Company settings page and open domain settings. 

2. Find the domain you wish to verify and click Get Token. 

3. Copy the token by clicking the copy icon to the right. 


4. Sign in to your domain host account in another tab.

5. Find the domain you wish to verify, and go to your domain's DNS records. Usually, this page is called, DNS Management, Control Panel, DNS Settings etc.

6. Select an add/create new record option. Select a TXT as a record type, paste the token you copied under Value/Answer/Destination field and save the record.

5. Once the verification record is added to DNS, you can go back to AppsCo, and verify the domain, by simply clicking the Verify button on your domain card. 


When AppsCo recognizes the verification record, your ownership of this domain is confirmed.

Remember, normally it takes some time for the DNS to be refreshed. It can vary from 24 to 72 hours. If you are not able to verify your domain after this period, please contact our support.

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