Partner - How to import customer resources?

Once you have added or imported customers to your list you can also import different resources to each of the customer's companies. Partner admins can of course add resources directly to customers Company, but you can bulk import resources. 

Importing resources will create a resource only in this customer's instance, but it will not share this resource with anyone. You can import custom applications and secure notes. The essential for the import of customer resources is the customer's company ID number which must be copied next to the resource you wish to share to this customer. 

You can obtain the company ID number as described in this article

To import customer resources, go to the Customers page, click Import from CSV and choose Resources. 


A dialog will open with information about the import. You can download the .csv file example in order to properly prepare the file for import. 


You can import two types of resources using this bulk action depending on the data filled out in the document. 

If you add URL and credentials import will create a custom application, if the entry does not include credentials it will be created as a secure note. Each entry should include a name as this will be the title of the resource. 

The most important step is to copy the company ID codes properly to the Company column as this will determine which of your customers will get this resource. 


When the .csv file is ready, click the Upload button in the dialog to upload it.


You will get a message once the resources are imported. The imported resources will immediately show up on the customer's Resources page and can be shared to the customer's users or contacts.  




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