How to setup Azure/Office 365 as IdP - old version

Set up in Office 365 admin center

1. Login to your Office 365 and then go to Admin center. You will of course need to be an admin in order to be able to see this page.

2. Under Admin center go to Azure AD.


3. Login to Azure AD portal and then go to Azure Active Directory. 

4. In Domain names a domain should be added and verified.


5. In order to set up Azure as IdP on AppsCo, a new application should be registered.

6. Go to More services and then, App registrations.


7. Click New App registration and under Create enter application information.

8. Enter AppsCo as the name of the application. 

9. Set the Application type to Web app / API

10. Enter the URL under Sign-on URL 


11. Once the application is created it will show up on the list.  Click on the application and go to Properties.


12. Under Logout URL write in

13. Multi-tenanted option should be set to YES. 

14. Go to Reply URL page in the same Settings menu. 

15. Enter as Reply URL


Go to Required permissions page in the Settings menu and select Windows Azure Active Directory.

17.Under Delegated Permissions check Sign in and read user profile


18. Go back to App registrations and under Endpoints > Federation Metadata Document copy the metadata xml URL.


19. Open the URL and save the page in order to create a new xml file with it’s content.

20. Go back to the application you registered and copy Application ID from the Settings.


Set up in AppsCo 

21. Then, go to AppsCo > Company Settings and open IdP Settings.

22. From the list of verified domains choose the domain matching the one added in Azure and click Manage.


If you can not find the domain you wish to set up it is because it is not verified on AppsCo. You can go back to Company Settings > Domains and verify the domain.

24. In IdP Settings for the chosen domain, add a title and choose the integration type - Office 365.

25. Enter the Application ID which you copied from the application you registered on Azure Active Directory.

26. Upload the metadata .xml file which you created before.


27. Hit Save to save your settings.

28. Your Office 365 as  IdP for the selected domain is now configured.

29. You can always deactivate it by clicking Deactivate button on IdP Settings in AppsCo.. This will also reset all settings.


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