Besides adding images on editable pages as a part of text or other content. you can also create photo galleries containing just images and their description. Image gallery is most suitable when you wish to showcase more images on one page. 

You can easily edit the image gallery by clicking the Edit Album button which shows up when you hover over the gallery with your mouse pointer. 


You can add images to the gallery by clicking the ''Add new image'' button. You can also change the layout of the gallery by clicking one of the possible options in the top right corner: grid, image carousel and image carousel with preview. 


By clicking ''Add new image'' you will automatically open the File Manager. You can create folders and sub-folders and upload images. Click ''Drop files here to upload''. Remember to select the folder where you wish to upload the image first. To add images to the gallery, select the image you wish to use and then click ''Add'' button. 


The images you add to the gallery can be sorted in the order that suits you best. You can also add description for each image by clicking the Edit icon which appears when you hover over the image with the mouse pointer. You can use the ''X'' icon to delete the image from the gallery (the deleted image will still be available in File Manager). 


To change the order of the images, click on the image you wish to move and then drag it left or right to place it. 

You can add a link to image in the gallery. Click the edit icon on the selected image. In dialog window you can enter the title and description on the image and also set up a link. Click on the ''Set Link'' button. You will be sent to Link Manager where you can add the URL you wish to use. When you are finished with editing, remember to click Save in order to save your changes. 


You will be sent back to the gallery - Album Editor.

You can close the Album Editor when you are done by clicking Close. To see the changes you have made, you must refresh the page on your browser. 


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