Link Manager - how to setup a link?

You can set up different links on the webpage. You can use Link Manager and add links to external webpages, internal sub-pages, documents and emails. Link Manager tool is connected to several different functionalities so you can use it to link text content, images, pages in the menu etc. 

To link text content, click on the editable field. Select the text you wish to link and then click the Add link icon on the toolbar.


Link Manager will pop-up with four different options. Click on the tab with the option you wish to use.  


Link to another webpage

Click Link to another web page tab and enter the URL. Remember that the URL must always contain http://. If you wish the link to open in a new tab, check 'Open in new tab'. Then click Add Web Page Link button and remember to save in the end in main menu on top. 


Link to internal page

Click Link to Internal Page tab and select a sub-page you wish to link from the drop-down menu. You can also check 'Open in new tab' if you want the link to always open in a new tab. Click Add Page Link to set up the link and save in the menu on top. 


Link to document

To link a document, click Link to document tab. File Manager will open and you can choose and select the document you wish to link, click Add to set it up. You can always upload the document if it is not already in the File Manager by clicking on the box at the top - Drop files here to upload. To save the changes you made, click Save button in the top menu. 


Link to email address

When text you wish to link is selected, click Link to email address to add a link to an email. Enter the email address click Add Email Link. Once the link is added, you will see that the linked text is underlined. 


To remove the link from any linked text, select the text and then click the Remove Link icon in the toolbar.
Keep in mind that you must always save when you have finished editing by clicking the Save button in the menu at the top.


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