How to adjust images?

You can adjust images added to your website - change size, add margins, links and descriptions. 

Click on the editable field where your image is added to start the tool - Image editor. Hover over the image and you will see the pencil button and delete button. Click the pencil button to edit the image. 


Image editor window will pop-up and you can change the image settings. You can enter the image title under Alternative text. Remember to click Update in order to save.

To set up a link, click the Set button in Image editor to open the Link Manager and add a link. Clicking on image will then open the link. You can link other websites, internal pages, documents or email.  To remove the link click Remove.


You can change the size of your image by entering different values under Dimensions. When you enter a value in one of the fields, the other is automatically adjusted.

To change the alignment of the image left or right and adjust it in relation to the text check the option under Alignment. You will be able to see a preview to the right. 


If you add several images or add some text next to the image, you can always set margins between the image and the text. Always remember to click Update to save the changes. 


Finally, click Save in the top menu to save the changes. 




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