File manager - how to upload files?

In order to be able to use images and documents on the web page and link them, you must first upload the files to File Manager. 
If you only copy and paste the images from other web pages, everything will be deleted if the source page is no longer available and it will unfortunately not be possible to get them back since they were not uploaded to File manager - database. 

File manager can be found in the menu to the left. Click the folder icon to open it. You can choose between Image manager where you can upload images and Document manager for documents such as Word, Excel or PDF files. Click to open the manager you wish to use depending on the file type. 


Image manager works as any regular folder where you can store your files. You can create additional sub-folders and organize your files. By clicking New Directory button you can add a new folder. Just fill in the name and click Create. 


Once the folders are created, select the folder where you wish to upload the photos and just click on
''Drop files here to upload'' box. When you select a file from your local folders and upload it, everything will be automatically saved. When the files are uploaded, you can not move them from one folder to another since they all have unique URL, but you can re-upload the files in another folder. 


Documents manager works the same way as Image manager. You can create multipla folders and upload different files. You can use the Documents manager when you wish to link text or an image to a PDF file for example. 

Click the File Manager icon in the menu to the left and select Document Manager. Choose the folder where you wish to upload the files or create a new folder. Click the ''Drop files here to upload'' box and select the file you wish to add from your computer. Keep in mind that when files are uploaded, you can not move the from one folder to another.


You can switch between two views in File Manager - list view and thumbnail view. Just simply click on the icon in the top right corner. 


To delete the files from File Manager, select the files or folder you want to remove and then click Delete in the bottom left corner. A confirm dialog will show up, asking you to confirm if you wish to delete the files. Remember that once the files are deleted from the File Manager, the links you created using this file will become inactive.

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