How to add and edit images?

If you wish to add images to a page, you can easily do that by using the edit toolbar. Just click on the editable field, place the cursor where you wish to place the image and then click on the image icon on the toolbar.


You will be sent to File Manager where you can select the image you wish to use. If the image is not already added to File Manager, you can always upload it on the spot. You can read about adjusting images for web here. 

Before uploading the images, it may be useful to create folders in order to sort the images. To create a new folder click on New Directory, type the name of the folder and then click Create.


When the folder is created, it will show up in the menu to the left. Double click on the folder to open it. You can upload the images from your local folder by clicking ''Drop files here to upload'' on the top. 
You can upload images to different folders but keep in mind that it is not possible to move images from one folder to another because each image has its own unique URL link. 

When the file is uploaded, click on the image you wish to add to page, click Add in the bottom right. The image will be added where you placed the cursor on the page. 
You can always delete the images you don't need by selecting the item you wish to remove and then clicking the Delete button in the bottom left. You will be asked to confirm deletion. Remember that when the files are deleted they will no longer be available on the webpage. 


You can view the files in Image manager as thumbnail grid or in lines. Click the button at the top right corner as on the image below to change the overview. 


You can read more about how to adjust the images here.


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