How to edit text and images - content editor tool

Editor on MySiteShop works like a simple click and write tool. Once you have created a page with a basic page template, you can easily add your text and images. 

Each page contains editable fields - a basic empty field where you can write, add images, videos or symbols. To add content simply click inside the area. You will see a toolbar over the field and the filed will be clearly separated from the rest of the page indicating that this is the editable area. 


The toolbar contains several features which you can use to format text, adjust images, set up links, videos and symbols. After each change, remember to click the Save button in the top menu in order to save the changes. 

Text tool

To add text, just click and write in editable field. You can use different text tools to format text. Click on the 'Paragraph' section to open a drop-down menu where you can select the heading type.


As in any ordinary word document, you can use bold, italic, undeline buttons for text formatting. You can also change the text color and background color and add bullets and numbering. All the features can be found on the edit toolbar. 


Edit toolbar includes a function for copying the text from another document without formatting. This button is used if you wish to copy the text from a Word file or another website but avoid copying the formatting as well. The button is called Plain text paste and you will find the button on the toolbar. Set the cursor where you wish to copy the text and click the button. 


You will be propmted to use Ctrl + V if you are using Windows or Cmd + V if you are using Mac, to copy the text. You will see that the text is copied but without any formatting. 


When you have finished the editing, click Save in the top menu in order to save all the changes made on this page. 

Adding links - Link Manager

You can also use the content editor toolbar to set up links. Select the text you wish to link up and then click the link icon on the toolbar. 


A pop-up window with Link manage will show up and several different options. You can choose if you want to link the text to an external web page, internal sub-page, document or e-mail.


If you choose to add a link to an external webpage, you must enter the URL of the webpage you want to link to and check ''Open in new tab'' so the link opens in a new tab. Remember to write the URL with http: // as in example. Click Add Web Page Link. 


The second option is to set up a link to an internal sub-page. Click Link to Internal Page and select a sub-page from the drop-down menu. If the page you wish to link does not exist, you can create it by clicking the Create Page button. You can check the option Open in new tab if you wish the link to open this way. Finally click Add Page Link.


You can also link a document using Link Manager. Click Link to document. You will be sent to the File Manager where you can select the document you wish to link. Select the document and click Add to link it. 
If the document is not in File Manager you can always upload it. 


The fourth option in Link manager is to link an email address. Click the tab - Link to an email address, enter the address in proper form with lowercase letters and click Add email link. 


You can always delete the link by selecting the text you want to change and then clicking Remove link icon on the toolbar. Remember to save when you finish editing.

Add and manage images

If you wish to add and manage images, you can also use the edit toolbar. Adding images works the same way as the text tool - just click inside the editable field, place the cursor where you wish to add the image and then click on the image icon on the toolbar to choose the image from the File manager. 


Select the image and then click Add in the lower right corner to add it to the page. If the image you wish to add is not uploaded, you can always upload it by clicking in the ''Drop files here to upload'' field or just dragging and dropping the files from your computer. 


The image will be added to the editable field and you can adjust it by clicking the pencil button which
pops up when you hover over the image. You can remove the image by clicking on the X button. Remember to save when you are finished with changes. 

To read about Image editor and how to adjust images, click here. 


Add symbols

In edit toolbar you will also find symbols tool which you can use to add different symbols to the content on the page. To do this, place the cursor inside the editable field, where you wish to add the symbol and then click ''Symbol dialog'' button on the toolbar. 


You will see a dialog window where you can choose between different symbols. To add a symbol, double-click on the one you wish to use. Remember to save when you are done with editing. 

Video tool

To add a video to the page, click on the last icon on the toolbar. 


In the dialog window, you can paste or enter the URL of the video you wish to add. Remember to enter http:// or https://. Enter ''Space'' on your keyboard and the video will show up. Click Add to set it up. Remember to save when you are done. Video tool supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. 


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