How to edit the menu?

There are two main actions in the menu feature:

1. Adding and removing menu elements

2. Changing the name of the menu element

Add and remove menu elements

If you wish to change the menu, hover with your mousepointer over the menu while in editing mode to open the feature. You will see a small edit button to the right. Click there to open the Menu Manager. 

The Menu Manager allows you to change the menu and placing of different pages. To edit the menu, just drag and drop the page from the pages list to the right in the menu structure. You can place it as a main page or as a sub-page which will show as a second level in the drop-down menu on the website. Always remember to save when you are finished with the changes. 

By clicking on X-button which appears when you hover over any page in the menu, you will remove the page from the menu. This does not delete the page, just removes it from the menu structure. 

If you click on the plus/minus button next to any menu element, you can easily expand or hide menu elements. Remember to click Save when you're finished with editing. 

You can also add external links or link documents to menu elements. In the upper left corner, you will find a Resource Link menu element. If you wish to create a page which will be directly linked to any external website or document, you can use this element. Drag the Resource link element and drop it where you wish to place it in the menu structure. 

 Once the Resource Link is placed, a window will automatically pop-up, and you can define the name of this menu element and add the URL/link where this menu element will send. You can set up a link to an external website or a document. All URLs must contain a protocol such as: http:// in order to be able to work. Check the image example bellow. If you wish to set up a link to an external website, click ''Link to external Web Page'' or if you wish to link the menu element to the document, click ''Link to Document''



If you wish to link the menu element to an external page, click ''Link to external Web Page'' and then write in the URL you wish to use (with http://). If you wish the link to open in a new tab, check the Open in new tab box. Click ''Add Web Page Link'' and then Save to save the changes. 


If you wish to link a document, click ''Link to Document''. The Document Manager will open and you can upload the document you wish to use. Drag and drop the file from your device or click to upload. Click the ''Edit'' button as on the image bellow to set up a link. If you wish to delete the document/link, simply click the X-icon. 

Write in the name of the menu element and click Save to save the changes. You will see that the URL field is now filled in.


The link is now visible in the menu structure. You can always edit the link by dragging the mouse pointer over the item and click '' Edit '' / Edit button. Always remember to save ultimately by clicking '' Save '' / Save button at the bottom left.


Change the name of the menu element

If you wish to change the name of the menu element, you can simply do this in the Pages editor, in the main menu to the left. Select he page you wish to modify and delete the Page Title in the Edit page section. Type the new page title and the URL will automatically fill out. Click Save to save the change. 

Refresh the page in your web browser to see the change. You will see that the menu element name has been changed. 

If you wish to read more about how to create and change pages click here

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