How to add and remove pages?

To add and or remove sub-pages, you must use the pages editing tool in the left menu. 

1. Start by clicking Pages in the left menu and then Add Page.

2. Fill the Page Title with the name you wish to use for this page, and choose a Page Template from the drop-down menu. 

URL of the page will automatically fill out once you have added the page title. We recommend that you do not change the page URL as it is the pages address and it should always be unique. 

There are several page templates you can choose from:

- Basic page template is used for common sub-pages with text and images.
- Home page template is used for the main, start/front page and it usually contains both images, text, news, calendar and other important updates and information. 
- Contact page template is used for pages where you wish to use the contact form and add contact information. 
- News page template is used for pages where you wish to add news and updates. This page lists the chosen category of news. One website can have multiple news pages, and list different news categories on each page. 
- Member page template is used for pages where you wish to add a list of members, employees and similar. You can add their images and basic info. 
- Catalog page template is used for catalog pages with products, services, showcasing your work etc. 
- Gallery page template is mostly used if you wish to create a page with gallery and add more images. 
- Google Map page template contains a Google map plugin so you can add your location and show it on the map. 
Remember that different website templates contain different page templates based on the theme. So in some cases a template will not include a catalog page template or a google map page template. 

3. When you have chosen your page template, check the Published checkbox and then click Save to save your new page. 


4. To edit the page you created go back to the Pages tab in the left menu, find the page you wish to edit and click Go to button as on the image bellow. You will be automatically redirected to this page. This button helps you also manage the pages which have not yet been added to the main menu and are not accessible on the website. 


5. To delete a page, use the same editor. When you click on the page which you wish to delete, simply select Delete in the bottom of Edit Page window. Remember that deleting a page removes it completely from your website and this action can not be revoked. If you just wish to hide your page so it's not showing on your website, you can remove it from the menu, or mark it as protected. 


6. If you wish to place a page in the menu, or maybe as a sub-page under some other main page, you can find more info about how to do that here. In the menu (both main menu, footer or side menu) you can easily place your page by dragging it from the listing of available pages, to the menu structure to the right and placing it depending on where you want the page to show in the menu structure. 

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