Edit mode and editing tools

When you are logged in to your website editor you will have access to different editing tools. You can easily change content on your webpage. 

You can read here how to open your website in editing mode. 

In your website editor you will be able to see all the editing tools. 

To the left, you will see a side menu with main editing tools. 

Viewed from top to bottom, you will see news tool, page tool, settings tool, ACL tool (Access roles manager) and File Manager. By clicking on any of these buttons, you will open the tool and see the options it contains.

The top-menu contains main actions - Save, Preview, Undo and Help/Support. 

''Undo'' button resets all the changes made since the last Saved changes. ''Save'' button is used to save the changes you make on the website. ''Preview'' button sends you to preview mode where you can see the changes you made. If you click the ''Help'' button, you will be sent to support and knowledge base pages. 

At the top, to the right, you will find your account settings. By clicking ''Account'' button, you will be sent to admin panel page with all your instances on MySiteShop. If you click on your account name in the right corner you will open a drop-down menu. ''Account Settings'' will send you to the general settings for your AppsCo account where you can for example change your password or profile picture. ''Contact Us'' will send you to support and knowledge base, and ''Log out'' will log you out of the editing tool but not your entire AppsCo account.


Website editor contains different features. To see the overview of features on MySiteShop click here. 


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