How to upgrade a website on MySiteShop?

To be able to use your own domain name and connect it to your website, you must upgrade your website from free to basic or pro package on MySiteShop. 

You can arrange it easily from your admin page by going to your MySiteShop app on your AppsCo Dahsboard. Login to your AppsCo account. 

You can add MySiteShop application by simply clicking Add and then choosing Application from the drop-down menu.


Search for MySiteShop, select the application and then click Add to add it to your dashboard. 


Click on MySiteShop application to go to your admin panel. 


You will see a list with all your website instances. Remember only you as an owner will be able to see admin panel with all websites you own. 
Each unit contains a button ''Upgrade to be able to connect domain'', click there to upgrade to basic or pro package. 

Choose a package and click ''Add to Cart'' to buy it. 

Under the packages you will see a total subscription price for one year. You must check the box in front of ''I agree with Terms and Conditions'' in order to continue. Click Purchase to go to Checkout and Payment. 

You will be sent to the secured Checkout page. You need to fill out the fields with your credit card info. At the end click ''Place your order'' button in the bottom. 

Once your website is upgraded you will be able to connect your domain to your instance. Go to your admin panel page and you will see that this option is now available. 

To read about how to connect the domain on MySiteShop, click here


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