How to login to website editor?

To start website editor and manage your website you will need to login to your account first. 
To login go to and click ''Login'' button in the right top corner. 

Write in your username (email address) and your password. Click ''Login'' to login to your account. 

You will be automatically logged in to your AppsCo account and your dashboard with all your apps and services. 

Once you are logged in, you will be able to open your web site in edit mode. If you want to go straight to the website editor simply enter in your browser the URL with /admin as in for example 

Remember that you can reach the editor this way only if you are logged in to AppsCo. 


For quick and simple access to your website, you can setup a MySiteShop app on your dashboard and use it to have a better overview of all your websites (if you have several instances). 

To setup a MySiteShop bookmark, Click ''Add Application'' button to the right. 

You need to configure the application before you can use it. So, write in MySiteShop in the Name-field. You will see a suggestion for MySiteShop since it's a pre-integrated app on AppsCo. Click on MySiteShop as on the image below and the domain field will fill out automatically with the URL:

Username and password are the same as for your AppsCo account so you do not have to write it again. Click Install in the bottom left corner to configure the application. MySiteShop will be added to your dashboard. Now you can access your admin panel on MySiteShop with just one click. 

To start the app, click on the icon. You will be asked to authorize the application only the first time you use it. 

Click ''Authorize'' to authorize the application. 

You will be sent to your admin panel on MySiteShop with all the MySiteShop websites you own in one place. After the application is configured and authorized, next time you will be able to open it with just one click on the icon.

You can edit, upgrade or delete each website. Click ''Edit'' if you wish to open the editor for this website. 

If you do not have any websites yet, click on the ''Start Now'' button to go to MySiteShop catalog and choose a website template. 

To read about how to upgrade your website and connect domain, click here. 


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