How to add a MySiteShop app on AppsCo?

Log in to your AppsCo account. 

Once you are logged in, click ''Add Application'' button to the right. 

You can also find the application on the list of popular applications. Click on the plus/minus icon to show or hide the list. Find MySiteShop icon and click ''Add Application'' button which will show up when you hover over the application. 

In order to add the application to the dashboard, you need to configure it first. Write in MySiteShop in the Name-field. AppsCo will show you the suggested pre-integrated application. Click on the MySiteShop app and the Domain-field will fill out automatically with admin panel URL. 

Username and Password are the same as for your AppsCo account. When you're done with the editing, click ''Install'' to add the app to your dashboard. 

Application will be added to your dashboard. To use it just click on the icon. 

You will be asked to authorize the application if your're using it for the first time. Click ''Authorize'' to continue. 

You will be sent to your MySiteShop admin panel. 


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